All Vegan Everything!

Veganuary .jpg

Most of us make resolutions for the New Year, some we stick to and some, forgotten after a few weeks. Adopting a healthier lifestyle always seem to rank highest on our lists. However many of us don't stick to it, it is still so amazing to hear the rise of veganism continues on. So why not start off the new year focusing on making small and manageable steps to a plantbased diet? Today, The Irish Times published an interesting article on the rise of Veganism in 2017, long may it continue in 2018 and beyond.. 

At Sweet Beat, we try to focus on the health and environmental side of things when it comes to diet and lifestyle. We do our best to show customers how interesting a plantbased diet can be with interesting dishes, using local, seasonal where possible and mostly organic food. So for the month of Janauary, the Sweet Beats are taking part in the Veganuary challenge. Although some of us are vegan already and some have even moved to a plantbased diet since starting to work with us, getting the team to take part and challenge themselves for the month will be so interesting to see how those who are not vegan find the transition and maybe they will continue with it.

Each week we will be posting new recipes on here for you to try at home, tips on what are the best alternatives to use and where to shop locally to find the highest quality plantbased food. 

Will you join us?