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Milkwood Mushrooms Oyster Grow Kit

Milkwood Mushrooms Ouster Grow Kit

All of the kits are pre-incubated in our temperature controlled incubation room so that when you receive yours it will be ready to produce mushrooms within 7-10 days. This may vary slightly depending on the specific growing conditions.

Grow kits should be opened within 6 weeks as the mushroom mycelium is a living organism and will die without proper care.

Once you’ve removed the front tab from the box, and carefully cut an X in the plastic window, the plastic should be sprayed with a water mister or spray bottle twice a day. The kit should be located where it will receive plenty of fresh air, and should be kept away from radiators or other heat sources. It is best to keep it out of direct sunlight, but it does need indirect daylight to trigger the mushrooms to grow. A humid environment like a bathroom or kitchen works well.

Once the mushroom “pins” appear, continue misting twice daily and watch the mushrooms double in size every day. Harvest the full cluster before the caps start to fully open up. This usually takes 5-7 days. Place your hand around the cluster, twist gently and pull away from the box. The mushrooms can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days but are best consumed straight away!

After the first harvest, remove the plastic bag from the box and soak overnight in cold water, with the slit facing down. Place a weight on top to keep the block submerged. Shake off any excess water and return to the cardboard box, making sure the slit is facing outwards as before. Mist again twice daily for 7-10 days and a second flush of mushrooms should start to grow. Continue misting until cluster is ready to harvest. You could repeat the process again for a much smaller third flush. When finished, remove the block of spent substrate and add to your compost.

Customer Reviews

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Great experience

Gifted with a kit from an elderly family member. My kids loved caring for the mushrooms as they grew and developed. Got a nice harvest and looking forward to the next delicious batch!

The gift that keeps on giving

I bought an Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit as a Christmas present for my foodie son. So exciting to see the mushrooms grow so fast and we have just had our first harvest with more to come. Not just a gift but a new hobby perhaps. Would totally recommend!