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Keith's Cacao Ceremonial Grade Cacao

The original Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Keith's Cacao, sourced directly from the source in Guatemala.

We have 1lb blocks of cacao for sale. Each pack contains instructions on how to brew the perfect cup. We love to make a cup before a powerful yoga session, after a swim in the sea or just to sit with quietly in the middle of the day or in the early morning. 

Crafted to enchant the artistic soul, our cacao paste is the perfect partner in the pursuit of music, art, dance, yoga, meditation, and spiritual or shamanic practice. Trusted by cacao practitioners and ideal for the workplace, Keith’s Cacao can enhance insight, presence, and focus.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
fiona whelton

Keith's Cacao Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Sinéad D
Had tried other cacoa s love this

Nicely wrapped with cute note and Santo palo will definitely buy this from here again


Great to finally be able to get Keith's Cacao so easily and gorgeous palo santo too.

Hannah Barnett Byrne
Service with a smile 🤍

Thank you so much Carolann for shipping all the goods, there were a couple of orders and you were super kind and helpful. I will defo be ordering again. Big love xx

Dinah Walsh
Amazing Cacao

Love this Cacao, It is hard to get good Cacao in Ireland never mind Sligo. This is a lovely way to take time for yourself whether you are into meditation or not. Cacao is also a superfood and is great for circulation as it increases heart rate. Which is why it is the perfect accompaniment to taking a few moments and deep breaths to get that hit of oxygen to your body and mind. You should also follow Keiths Cacao for recipe tips when you buy.... Enjoy!!